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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions is operated by Furnitures2suit. You need to be clear as you proceed with our terms and conditions when terms such as “we”, “our”, and “us” appear, please know that they all refer only to Furnitures2suit and to our website. At Furnitures2suit, we offer you this site along with all the information, tools, services, and products that are available at for you. The usage of any of these items will be considered as an agreement and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Also, by viewing, using, or buying from you will indirectly be approving and accepting the terms and condition, including our privacy policy that we have put forward. All these terms and conditions will be applicable to each of our unique users who visit and use this website. We strictly advise you to please go through our policies and terms and conditions before you start using our site for your much-anticipated purpose. Also, please know that without agreeing to our terms and condition you will not be allowed to use our services or products.

Terms & Conditions – Online Store

By agreeing to our provided terms and conditions you will be agreeing and in short giving us your consent to share your information in the right way according to the law. Please also note that any of the furniture that you purchase from our online shop shouldn’t be used for any destructive means, neither should transfer any virus to your online site. However, despite this warning, if you are still found guilty of breaching any of these terms all your current services will be terminated.

Adequate Use of the Website

Please be aware that we will not be entertaining any user that lies under the age of 18 and never gather their information. If you wish to use our services or site, you must be at least 18 years of age or above.

General Terms & Conditions

Furnitures2suit has all the rights to refuse any of their provided services or items to anyone at any given time that too for whichever specific reason. You need to be aware that the information that you provide us (excluding your card information) will be shared with multiple networks in order to adhere to technical requirements so that it can be effortlessly linked down to networks or devices.

However, we also assure you that the card information that you will be providing us with will remain safe and encrypted throughout the transferring process. When you accept our terms and conditions you will also be agreeing not to produce a replica, copy, sell, duplicate, or exhibit any of our products that you have purchased from However, if we catch you doing all or any of the above listed, we will be bound to take strict and lawful action against you in response to it.

All These Terms and Conditions Are Subject to Change

You are advised to note that all of these mentioned terms and conditions and subjected to change at any given time and day without presenting you with any prior notice from us. It is recommended that you always keep checking this page for any updates of changes in our terms and conditions or our privacy policy.