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Delivery / Return & Refund

Furnitures2suit wants its customers to have the best possible experience when purchasing furniture from them; therefore, it’s advised that you read this delivery policy carefully before buying any furniture or accessories from us.

Delivery Policy 
All your purchased items will be shipped via a local courier service & delivered within 14-28 business working days after you have placed an order with us. Some pieces that are made to order can take up to around 6 weeks for delivery, Made to order items will be specified in item description. Please note that our provided delivery dates are an estimate and we will not be legally bound to adhere to them at any point in time. There can be a delay in delivery dates; however, you will be notified of any delay is subjected to your order.

If you are subjected to any possible delays in your delivery, please know that it’s based on external factors and we will try to solve it on every level. We will not be taking any liability for any delays that are caused in your delivery time due to circumstances that are beyond our control. However, please note that in any event where we are unable to supply you with your ordered product, we will not be liable to subsequent or substantial loss arising thereof. Delivery costs are entirely based on where you are situated and the size and weight of the purchase you did.

Return & Refund Policy

We hope that you are enjoying what you purchased from us; however, if you are not, you are then advised to note this return policy. Furnitures2suit will only accept you to return and provide a refund if and only:

  • Contact us if items that you purchased were already damaged, defected, incomplete, or not the one you ordered when you received them.
  • The item that you are returning should be in the exact same condition as it came to you. Upon the realization of the defected piece, you should only take a maximum of 48 hours to inform us.
    We will not be entertaining any return request after two days of delivery.
  • Please note that if you no longer need the product, you will not be getting a refund for such condition.
  • If you wish to get a refund on your purchased item, you first need to contact our customer services representatives who will then listen to your case.
  • You will be asked for pictures from our representatives for a refund and return both.
  • Your approval for refund is totally dependent on the approval of your case by our customer service representative.
  • There will be no explanation or reason provided if your application for refund is rejected.
  • However, if your refund and return applications are accepted, you alone will be bearing all the financial responsibility for paying for the shipment fee of the item you want to refund. Also, the shipping cost that was applied to our item is non-refundable.
  • Please note that the refund will not be on the basis of our item not being able to pass through your gate. It is your sole responsibility to check all the measurements before you purchase any product from us.
  • If the refund is due to an error conducted by our team, you will be receiving a full refund for the item you purchased along with your shipping costs.
  • After returning the product, please wait for at least 2 – 4 weeks for us to provide you with the refund.
  • Please note that if you do not receive a refund from us even after 40 days, you are advised to contact us.

Please note that this return and refund policy only applies to residents of the UK.